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IGSeller App instantly starts your online shopping App in 200+ countries , 40+ languages and 25 currencies. If you are selling on Instagram / FB or planning to start online store - IGSeller App is the fastest method to start your shopping app, make quick sales, receive instant payments and do lot more.


IGSeller App

Start shopping app & manage everything easily.

IGSeller App provide you facility to instantly launch & run your shopping app on IGSeller Mall platform or directly to google playstore.

IGSeller App provides you with smart links for your shopping app which you can distribute to social channels, friends and followers

  1. App link- Users can install and access your shopping app.
  2. Product link - Users can directly access your specific product on your shopping app.
Your shopping app is ready for 200+ countries, 40+ languages and 25+ currencies. By default your shopping app showcases your product in local language and currency, however IGSeller App gives you controls to modify country wide display language, currency and more..
IGSeller App helps you to receive payments in 25+ currencies directly to your account.
IGSeller App provides you facility to

> automatically load your products to your app from Instagram.
> instantly set - selling currency, product prices, taxes, client policy etc
> easily handle customer queries, initiate chat, handle purchase orders, handle delivery and provide customer support.
IGSeller App provide you facility to instantly distribute your product with purchase link to Facebook, twitter, whatsapp and more..
We don't charge % margin in your sales. We just take basic monthly subscription to run your app.


Your Shopping App

your shopping app runs on IGSeller Mall @ Google Play Store
or directly @Google Play Store

Your shopping app users can use:
App link to install and access your shopping app.
Product link to reach your specific product on your shopping app.
Unique Store Id to access your shopping app on IGSeller Mall
Your shopping app users from 200+ countries can find products in their local language / currency and buy products confidently.
Your shopping app users can connect you with integrated Whatsapp chat button next to each product and ask for better deal
All "orders" from your shopping app are automatically linked to your "Order Policy" as defined by you.
Buyer payment protection is as per of "Buyer Protection" policy of integrated payment gateway and which is to be read in accord with "Order Agreement" as given above to resolve any dispute.
All user transactions from your shopping app to you are encrypted and safe.
Shopping experience is as simple as using gmail wherein everything is intutively placed to make it user friendly.


Quickstart Videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

IGSeller seamlessly works with Instagram account. Loading products from Instagram account is automatic and setting up cost, taxes, discount etc is super easy. Your app can be made available to all your followers in few minutes .
shopify provides you webstore and We are providing you full featured mobile shopping app required for business growth with no starting cost. We provide you 0% transaction fee payment confirmation system and We don't charge any commission on shopping done over your mobile app. You need to install the IGSeller App to kickstart and learn more.
IGSeller provide you 2 options to launch your shopping app wherein both type of apps are controlled with same IGSeller App.

Option1: Launch your shopping app onto IGSeller Mall App platform on PlayStore. This is instant and there is no cost for app.
Option2: Launch your app directly on on PlayStore. This is possible for users who already executed the option 1. There is separate cost to do this may take up to few days to get your app approval.
For both type of app options as described above, we provide you with your app installation link which you can share with your followers, friends or post link to FB/Twitter or anywhere on internet. Anyone who clicks on such links from mobile phone will be able to install and access your mobile shopping app instantly and seamlessly.
Every product on your shopping app can also be instantly distributed to FB/Twitter/Whatsapp etc within seconds along with purchase link. This way we help you penetrate deep on social apps and reach the more clients.
Yes. You can start your journey of online shopping using IGSeller.
Use IGSeller to launch your first Shopping App and load product images from Google drive or any web link on internet, set taxes and prices. You will be given with your shopping app link to share with your clients. Let your clients shop from your shopping app and you get paid to your bank account instantly.

Social Sellers - Launch your Shopping App today.

Install IGSeller app on Android phone, register as new Seller & follow instructions on your IGSeller App dashboard.


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