Payment Policy

For payments, we don't provide our direct interface to collect or store payment related information, whatsoever, however we direct you to third party (like PAYPAL) payment gateway interfaces to collect payments on our behalf , you are required to carefully read and agree various agreements by these third party payment interfaces while confirming payment.

We offer you initial trail period of 15 days or as described to you at a low cost of USD 10 or as described to you on payment interface for any number of followers. This trail period is provided you to carefully understand the utility of this service for your business and gain confidence from all angle on service we are offerings. Following this you will be subscribed to monthly and yearly payment subscriptions in agreement with terms and conditions defined by third party for such subscriptions. All payments from next billing cycle will automatically be collected in advance.

we don't bind you with no long term contracts. you can anytime cancel the subscription by visiting your account with payment gateway ( like PAYPAL ) used for subscribing service with us and your service will automatically be cancelled from next billing cycle.

Completed payment can't be refunded in full or parts however we do refund all payments if deducted after cancellation request with us or any not agreed deduction or technology failure to deduct unfair. Any refunds if agreed can be done into PAYPAL account only. Non payment of services may put your services to suspension or termination, wherein termination means closure of your account with us and you will loose all the data related to your service which might not be possible to recover.

All payments will attract an extra Tax of around 18% in accord with government guidance and any extra tax may also be applicable for international sales.

Users from every country except India will have to pay in USD, wherein Indian users will have to pay in Indian Rupees using Indian Payment Gateway. Further, indian users can take our service on yearly basis and not monthly, wherein users will be provided with yearly invoice for required payment for service usage. You agree not to raise Payment dispute for any of the following reasons: Service suspension for valid reason ,Service termination for non-payment, Payment done before Service Cancellation, Choice of Wrong Package before payment, in agreement to pay Taxes/late fee/upgrade or for anything which you are already agreed to.